Ghomeshi complainants' lack of credibility damaging for victims

Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia weighs in on eye-witness credibility in the Ghomeshi Trial. While female victims in the criminal justice system have historically been scrutinized, they are committing a disservice to other women when suppressing the 'truth' under oath. (Read More...)

​Basic human rights not being considered: Gadhia
Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia says the difficulties prisoners have in taking care of their basic hygiene needs is just one of the many issues facing Canada’s justice system.“People’s basic human rights aren’t being considered,” she tells The Lawyers Weekly. (Read More...)

Court security law raises Charter, constitutional issues
Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia says Ontario’s new law that’s aimed at increasing security at courthouses and other facilities broadly expands police search powers to the point where the legislation isn’t constitutional. (Read More...)

Identification evidence 'inherently suspect'

​In a jury trial that highlighted the frailties of identification evidence, Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia’s client has been acquitted of attempted murder and gun charges. (Read More...)

Toronto police wrong to turn off body cams while carding
Equipping Toronto police officers with body cameras but not requiring the devices to be turned on while carding individuals not under arrest or investigation would undermine the overall purpose of the pilot project, says Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia. (Read More...)

​​Appeal decision on drug cops 'puzzling'
​The Ontario Court of Appeal has rightly thrown out a 45-day conditional sentence that was imposed upon a group of Toronto drug squad officers and replaced it with a three-year prison term, says Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia.  (Read More...)

Crown stays pimping charges for Gadhia’s client
Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia had all pimping charges against her client stayed during a recent matter that could have become a test case for Canada's new prostitution law. (Read More...)

Handling of Brampton courtroom shortage causes a stir
The province’s latest plan to deal with the ongoing shortage of courtrooms in Brampton – moving trials to other areas as far away as Kitchener –  is prejudicial to accused persons, says Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia. (Read More...)

​​Peel police retraction points to a breach of public trust
News that Peel Regional Police have retracted their earlier statement about the circumstances surrounding a lawyer's arrest at a Brampton courthouse is alarming and shows a breach of the public trust, says Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia. (Read More...)

Ghomeshi's mom is surety for his bail so he must live with her
Former CBC personality Jian Ghomeshi is required to live with his mom as a condition of his bail – set at $100,000 – and it’s likely because she provided the... (Read More...)

If race wasn't an issue, carding would be an effective policing tool
Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia says it’s positive that Toronto’s police chief has suspended the controversial practice of carding “until further notice”  because of the racial issues it raised. (Read More...)

Christmas parties like any other work gathering: Gadhia
It's important to limit alcohol intake at the office Christmas party and to treat it like any other professional gathering, Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia tells Lawyers Weekly. (Read More...)

Ghomeshi moves through court process quickly
Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia says it's important to note the "exceptionally efficient" manner in which the court process was handled for former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi when he appeared Wednesday on sex assault charges – and it begs the question of whether he was given special treatment because of his celebrity status. (Read More...)

Discrimination a daily reality for minority lawyers: report
TORONTO – Discrimination is an everyday reality for black and other visible minority lawyers that must be addressed, according to a new report by the body that regulates the profession in Ontario. (Read More...)

Gadhia speaks at Ontario Bar Association event

Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia spoke as a member of a panel discussion on the "Emerging Trends in Judicial Interim Release" at a recent Ontario Bar Association event. (Read More...)

Gadhia: destroy non-conviction police records
The police practice of retaining records associated with an investigation that didn't result in a criminal conviction or no charges at all is wrong and must be stopped, says Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia. (Read More...)

Police contact cards highlight racial trend
Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia says it's a disturbing trend and a serious problem in need of more discussion that contact card data reveals how police in the country's largest city stop and question a larger proportion of people with black and brown skin. (Read More...)

SCC narrows scope of Mr. Big sting confessions
OTTAWA – The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that confessions extracted through so-called Mr. Big police sting operations must be regulated more carefully in order to be admissible in court. (Read More...)

Proving Ford acted criminally requires evidence in court
In order to prove that Mayor Rob Ford broke the law in connection with his drug and alcohol use would require evidence of the date and time that the offences took place, Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhiatells SiriusXM radio's What She Said!. (Read More...)

SCC ruling a win for citizens' privacy rights
Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia says Canadians should be relieved that the country's highest court has affirmed citizens' privacy rights by ruling that police need a warrant to get information from Internet service providers about their subscribers' identities. (Read More...)

Change law for children with addictions: Gadhia 

Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia says laws need to evolve so that parents are able to compel their children into addictions treatment – even when they refuse. (Read More...)

Warrantless disclosure troubling: Gadhia

Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia says it’s troubling that the personal telecom information of more than 800,000 Canadians has been given to government agencies, in many cases without a warrant.“The idea that personal conversations, text messages and content is being provided voluntarily by the telecom companies is worrisome,” she tells (Read More...)

SCC ruling restores fairness, says Gadhia

Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia says the most recent Supreme Court of Canada decision on sentencing will help protect the rights of individuals who come before the justice system. The decision in R. v. Summers restores the amount of pre-trial credit that accused persons can receive for time spent in custody before they are convicted and sentenced. (Read More...)

Police, mental health leaders begin framework
TORONTO – The beginnings of a national framework to train police on how to best deal with the mentally ill emerged Wednesday from the country's first collaborative dialogue on the issue. (Read More...)


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