R. Roots Gadhia


Criminal Defence Law

Criminal Matters
Roots Gadhia and her team represents clients who are charged with all types of criminal offences throughout all phases of their process in the criminal justice system:

Getting Arrested: We will determine if there is a warrant for your arrest, and make arrangements with the police to turn yourself in. We will advise you of the charges you are facing, and if you will be released from the station after you have been arrested, or if the police will bring you to Court for a bail hearing. Once you are arrested, it is your right to speak with a lawyer before speaking with the police, and we will advise you of your rights. 

Bail Hearing: We will help coordinate the conditions for your release with you and your sureties, and we will attend Court on the day of your bail hearing to argue for your release. 

Court Appearances & Disclosure Review: We will attend Court on a weekly/monthly basis in order to collect disclosure and place the appropriate comments on the record. We will thoroughly review your disclosure, request any missing items, and conduct research on the issues in your case and develop a strategic defence. 

Crown Pre-Trial: Once disclosure has been collected and reviewed, we will have a pre-Trial with the Crown Attorney, where the Crown will provide the defence with their position on a plea, the status on outstanding disclosure, and the approximate length of a Trial. It also gives the defence the opportunity to negotiate with the Crown and discuss potential issues with the their case. 

Judicial Pre-Trial: If your Trial has been set for over six hours (depending on jurisdiction), a pre-Trial with the Crown and a Judge will be required. 

Preliminary Hearing:  If you are an adult, and your matter is proceeding by indictment, you are entitled to have a preliminary hearing. At this hearing, the defence and Crown will cross-examine witnesses and determine whether or not you will be committed to Trial. 

Trial: We will conduct your Trial, cross-examine witnesses, prepare Charter arguments in a strategic manner. We specialize in Judge alone and Jury Trials. 

Our services for Criminal charges are based on a block fee structure as follows:
- Bail Hearing; 
- All disclosure review, court appearances up to and including the Crown Pre-Trial;
- Judicial Pre-Trial;
- Preliminary Hearing;
- Trial

Please contact my office for a free half hour consultation regarding your criminal charge. 

Record Suspension Application
If you have a criminal record and your sentence has been completed for a period of six years, you may be eligible for a Record Suspension Application (formerly known as a Pardon). Roots Gadhia will assist with your application and offers a free half hour consultation. 

Restoration Applications & Return of Seized Property
If any property was seized from you by the police, Roots Gadhia can have this property returned to you through negotiations with the police, or through a Restoration Application in Superior Court. Please contact the office for a free half hour consultation. 

Provincial Offences
Ms. Gadhia and her office represents clients charged with provincial offences, such as speeding, trespassing, and public intoxication. Please call the office for a free half hour consultation.